We Are The Soul Sisters And These Are Our Stories

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Christine Vachon


Christine is the founder and the visionary behind the Soul Sisters Memorial Foundation. She is passionate about the work that Soul Sisters does in the community and books all the monthly workshops, connects people with resources. She has completed her certificate in Psychological Disorders and is driven by continual learning in Mental Health. Christine has two grandsons that she likes to keep involved in the organization and looks forward to the steady growth of supporters and momentum that Soul Sisters is gaining each and every day.


Karen Zadunayski

Vice President

Karen is one of the founding members of the Soul Sisters Memorial Foundation. She is a Mom to four busy adult daughters, an entrepreneur and is in charge of licensing and insurance for our annual fundraiser. Karen has an amazing network of people that have been guests at Nelly’s Project who in turn have contributed auction donations.


Kelly Dul


Kelly is one of the founding members of the Soul Sisters and a Mom to four. She is a Holistic Postpartum Doula and LPN working at the Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert. Kelly is very involved with the distress & crisis calls we receive and her compassion and care is heartwarming. Kelly attends our meetings, workshops and helps out at any event she can. We always laugh as she seems to have most of her great ideas late at night when she is just finishing work!

Colleen Young

Founding Member

Colleen is one of the founding members of the Soul Sisters.


Angie Hampshire

Soul Sister

Angie joined Soul Sisters in 2014 and has a key role in our foundation. She has been a volunteer with Victim Services for 17 years; with her education, experience and passion for helping others she is our Team Lead for distress/crisis calls. Angie is full of life and love; and is a huge advocate for those that suffer. She also facilitates some of our workshops and has obtained her certificate in Grief Counselling. Angie is excited for the future of Soul Sisters!


Ramona Dechaine

Soul Sister

Ramona joined Soul Sisters in 2015. She is a Dental Hygienist at the Westlock Dental Centre and her energy and passion for volunteering is second to none. Not only does Ramona help out with the annual fundraiser by being our “Pastry Chef” for the Legacy of Life dessert, she is a fantastic clerk for our live auction, planner of our annual BBQ, helps at the monthly workshops and loves to bring baking to our meetings!

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Dominika Svec

Soul Sister

Dominika resides in Vancouver, has her Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education and loves working with children. She helps each year at the annual fundraiser, as well as helping to create event posters and online tasks. Dominika loves to participate as much as she can, and we appreciate her creativity. She was asked to be a Soul Sister in 2015.

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Kari Rooks-Whelan

Soul Sister

Kari and her husband Randy currently reside close to Marwayne, AB on their dream acreage. Kari works for a Crop Inputs Company part-time. They spend leisure time enjoying the acreage, riding horses, helping neighbours with cattle and They have a love of all animals and show this by rescuing shelter or homeless animals. Kari worked with Christine at ATB Financial, where they struck up a lifelong friendship. Kari was asked to join Soul Sisters in 2016.

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Kelsey Waddle

Soul Sister

Kelsey has been actively volunteering with us since 2016, and lives in Spruce Grove. When you meet her, she’ll tell you she’s the greatest person you’ll ever meet - and we agree she’s pretty special. In addition to volunteering with us, you can find her helping out many local performing artists at their shows across Alberta. She was asked to join Soul Sisters in 2022.

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